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Belief in Hell

This assesses whether or not a respondent believes in Hell or Purgatory.

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Several files in the ARDA’s Data Archive have examples of this Measure.

HELL – Spirit and Power: A 10-Country Survey of Pentecostals

HELL5 – 1995 Project Canada

BELHELL – 1998 International Social Survey Program: Religion II

HELL 1994 Catholics in Indiana: A Social and Religious Profile

HELL – 2008 General Social Survey (similar measures available in previous waves)

Q26D and Q26E – 2005 Baylor Religion Survey

SOUL3 – 1996 Religion and Politics Survey

BELHELL – Comparative Values Survey of Islamic Countries

BLVHELL_3 – World Values Survey, Aggregate Data

Q36 – U.S. Religious Landscape Survey

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Several files in theARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
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