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Attendance at Religious Services

This measures how frequently respondents attend places of worship.  It is debatable how much measurement error is present in self-reported attendance, as people tend to over-estimate their participation (see Hadaway et al. 1993; Hout and Greeley 1998; Pressler and Stinson 1998; Smith 1998).

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Several files in theARDA’s Data Archive have examples of this Measure.

Attend – 2008 General Social Survey (similar measures available in previous waves)

Q5 – 2005 Baylor Religion Survey

ATTEND1 – 2003 National Study of Youth and Religion (similar measures available in subsequent waves)

I-ATTEND – American National Election Studies, Cumulative Data File, 1948-2004

Attend – Spirit and Power: A 10 Country Study of Pentecostals

Attend – 2005 Gallup Poll of Catholics

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Several files in theARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
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