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Religious Tolerance

This refers to one’s level of toleration and acceptance of members of differing religions or worldviews.  This topic has received an increasing amount of scholarly attention due to the challenges of pluralism for community integration and identity in post-industrial contexts.  This is particularly the case in relatively secularized Western Europe countries, where the question of how to accommodate highly religious minority groups, most notably Muslim immigrants, has come to the fore in recent years.

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The following are possible measures of Religious Tolerance that can be created using data from theARDA.com
Measurements of a respondent's level of acceptance or condemnation of contact with those from a different religious of ideological persuasion.  These can be measured by asking about different contexts or scenarios. View related items in the Measurement Wizard: View related items in Measurement Wizard Scales:
Several files in theARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
V129 - 2005 World Values Survey 2001 International Religious Freedom Data RC_2 - Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity LibMslm - 2008 General Social Survey Q50 - 2005 Baylor Religion Survey
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