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Religious Experience

Used generally, this concept refers to all of the experiential aspects of religion.  More commonly, however, it refers to the claiming of intense experiences perceived as religious, i.e. attributed to religious sources.  Overall, religious experiences are defined by those claiming them; if they define their experience as religious in nature, researchers must rely on these reports.  However, there is some latitude in the types of experiences that researchers choose to focus on.

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The following are possible measures of Religious Experience that can be created using data from theARDA.com
Respondents reveal whether or not they have had certain religious experiences. View related items in the Measurement Wizard:
Several files in theARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
Reborn - 2006 General Social Survey FeelGod - 2004 General Social Survey NumRelEx - 2004 General Social Survey SP_1 - Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity Tongues2 - Spirit and Power: A 10-Country Survey of Pentecostals Q28 - 2005 Baylor Religion Survey
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These are measures that assess what types of activities occur within the context of worship services in a given religious group.  Such practices are often used to delineate between liturgical and ritualistic practices, as opposed to emotive and extemporaneous practices. View related items in the Measurement Wizard:
Several files in the ARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
Q125-143 - 1998 National Congregations Study
Q17-44 - 2000 Presbyterian Panel Study
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