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Civic Engagement

This refers to individuals’ levels of participation in civic society (public sphere).  Concerning religion, a central question concerns whether religious participation facilitates only participation within the context of the religious group or tradition, or also leads to higher levels of extra-group engagement.  The research literature in this area has found some difference depending on the type of religious engagement one participates in.  The idea of “social capital” is closely related to the idea of civic engagement.

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The following are possible measures of Civic Engagement that can be created using data from theARDA.com
This measures whether individuals are giving time, money, or other resources to their religious group or to organizations beyond the religious group. View related items in the Measurement Wizard:
Several files in the ARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
Volunteer - 2004 National Election Study
VolChrty - 2002 General Social Survey
VolNum2 - 2003 National Study of Youth and Religion
PrGv2_98 - 1998 National Congregations Study
Q73-88 - 2003 Center on Philanthropy Study
VolRel - 1998 International Social Survey Program: Religion II
VolOrg - 2000 Religion and Politics Survey
VO_1 - 2006 Panel Study of American Religion and Ethnicity
Q48-49 - 2005 Baylor Religion Survey
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These variables measure how much a respondent gives to his or her religious congregation or organization. View related items in the Measurement Wizard:
Several files in the ARDA's Data Archive have examples of this Measure.
Q11 - 2005 Baylor Religion Survey CHURGIVE - 1994 Catholics in Indiana: A Social and Religious Profile GIVEN - 2003 National Study of Youth and Religion (similar measures available on other waves) CH_CONTR - 2000 National Election Study (similar measures available on other waves) See the 1993 American Congregational Giving Study For giving at the congregational level see the National Congregations Study. Search the ARDA for similar measures.
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